Condition Guide

We try to describe as best as possible. Please read the information below to ensure you are not disappointed with your order.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us on our contact page

Figures and other collectibles:-

  • Unless specified in the listing, boxes containing figurines should not be heavily damaged. There may still be some minor denting or small creases with more fragile boxes, but this will depend how the item arrives from our distributors. All items inside boxes should always be mint condition and undamaged. If you’ve unboxed an item to find that it is damaged, please email or give us a call so we can quickly rectify this for you.

Trading Cards:-

We have the following condition grading just in case, but unless specified all single cards on the website should be pack fresh and near mint or better condition.

  • Mint: The card has no damage at all, it will have come straight from a packet into a sleeve and toploader.
  • Near mint: The card may have some slight damage but will still be in great condition.
  • Good: The card may have scratches and/or a few small dents.
  • Near good: The card will be in good condition but may have the addition of creases. The card will still be in playable condition.
  • Bad: The card will have major damage such as creased corners, lots of scratches and dents. The damage is what you would expect from a card that has been heavily played.