Brotherhood Trade-In Policy Explained

Hi there, this will be a brief article explaining how our shop trade-in policy works, mainly aimed at newer customers or for those curious of the finer details.


For most TCGs we offer a flat 50% cash or 70% store credit. We use ebay and/or our own knowledge as TCG specialists to value the cards. Generally if a card is worth £10 on ebay, you get £5 cash or £7 store credit. Store credit can be used on anything we stock, not just other cards. This policy will be the same for almost all modern cards, and holds true with older (what we could call vintage) cards. Their value is also based on condition, as many older cards – especially from the Wizards of the Coast Era of Pokemon – have flaws.


One of the best parts about our trade-in policy is that we take almost anything of value. Do you have 100 duplicate V cards? We can take them. 10 Charizard Alternate Arts or Yugioh Starlight rares? Happy to have them. What we mainly decline will be damaged or foreign language cards, or cards we simply have too many in stock (Celebrations Zacian and Zamazenta V for example!). Another cool part is our credit book: our hand-written, artistically crafted ledger of all the people that have store credit. You can come in with £100 of cards, get your £70 credit, then bank it for months later. You can even call us up or come into the store at any point and have that credit converted into the cash amount and paid out via bank transfer. We have customers regularly trade-in cards they no longer need then save it up for a big set release to relieve the financial weight of multiple booster boxes at once, for example.

And for those of you who are a bit further afield, worry not! We accept photo/video of cards emailed over or messaged through our Facebook/Instagram inboxes and then posted to us once we confirm a value with you. You then leave us your bank or paypal details and we transfer the money upon receipt and checking over the cards. We even cover your postage! This is best with modern cards, as older cards can only be given a rough evaluation due to needing to confirm conditions in person. If you would like to use this service, you can also use the handy contact form at the bottom of this page.


For anyone wondering why we set those percentage parameters for our trade-ins it’s fairly simple and equally boring. We list the majority of our single cards on ebay, which means when they sell ebay takes roughly 12% along with whatever it costs us to post the item. This paired with the biggest factor which is 20% VAT along with a number of other taxes and factors like staff wages, most of the time that £10 card we bought for £5? Yeah, we made maybe £6 off that after everything. It’s only really due to the volume of single cards we sell online and in-store that we are able to offer the rates we pay in the first place.


So we’ll say here what we say to everyone else: If you want to go to the effort of selling your cards yourself for 70-80% on ebay or social media then go for it, we’re the quick and easy option. With us there’s no refunds due to lost or damaged mail, no messages about the card being slightly off-center or a printing defect. Hassle free and always here!


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