DRAGON BALL SUPER CARD GAME Draft Box 05 Divine Multiverse


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Each draft box contains 24 booster packs brimming with drafting power! Every pack is optimized for an enjoyable draft experience. Booster packs include 177 brand new cards to collect!


  • ・Draft Booster Pack 02 x24
  • ・Leader Cards (Same card name) x4
  • ・Regulation sheet x1


  • Total 282 cards
  • ▪Common: 60 types (Normal or foil ver.)
  • ▪Uncommon: 45 types (Normal or foil ver.)
  • ▪Rare: 36 types
  • ▪Super Rare: 24 types
  • ▪Destroyer & Angel Rare: 12 types
  • *Includes 177 new cards in total


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